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Thank you for your interest and use the service of cold storage, refrigeration, refrigeration industry of Tuan Ngoc Company. By the way, we would like to send our best wishes and good wishes.


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Dear customers, over 20 years of experience working in the field of cold storage, refrigeration and industrial refrigeration, Tuan Ngoc Trading Co., Ltd has grown steadily both in size and scale. With a team of enthusiastic and professional technicians will be able to meet all needs of customers about the need to install cold storage, installation of public refrigeration system. Equipment for factories, warehouses, workshops as well as household refrigerators for households. Here we would like to introduce to you the related services that we are doing business as follows:

1. Cold storage:

Making cold storage is the strength and key area of ​​our company. We offer a wide range of cold storage with large and small sizes according to your requirements. Store at your request.

Our company provides warehouses with industrial refrigeration brands such as Bitzer, Sanyo, Carrier, Trane, Copeland, Emerson, Tecumseh, Lu-ve, Eco, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Danfoss ...... bringing the best benefits to customers and the community with flexible solutions and products to meet.

Panel Panels include

- PU panels are insulating panels with polyurethane insulation, 50 to 150 mm thick, both inside and outside, covered with 0.45 mm ÷ 0.5 mm thick colorbond or I-nox. Each PU panel has a width of 600 mm ÷ 1160 mm, a length of 1200 mm ÷ 11600 mm and is linked together by a CamLock lock.

- EPS Panel Insulation Panel EPS in addition to thermal insulation, soundproofing, waterproofing ... suitable for construction of cold storage, cellar, ... Use EPS insulation panels have the following advantages:

Fast installation, easy installation, saving time construction

Price is cheaper than the same materials

Low maintenance costs

2. Buy and sell old cold storage:

We provide low-cost used warehouses, warranty and maintenance for the products periodically or at the request of customers. Used warehouse products will help you save the maximum cost but Tuan Ngoc quality assurance as new. In addition, we also buy cold storage or liquidation at your request.

3. Provide new office air conditioners, workshops, households and used:

The large and small air conditioners are supplied by the office, workshop, household. Aesthetic design, suitable for the area and saving electricity costs as well as the initial purchase cost. Products offered such as Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Misubishi, Sannyo ... guarantee genuine and warranty under the regime. Besides, the new products will be checked by Tuan Ngoc for free in the first 6 months.

4. Distributor of AMALIE lubricants exclusively in Vietnam

AMALIE lubricant

5. Cooling tower distributor: LIANGCHI level 1

We are official agent of Langchi Cooling Tower (Taiwan). Prestige brand and most selected by Vietnamese consumers. Types of water cooling tower for the metallurgical industry, weaving. dying ... .Other Langchi we also provide supplies, components genuine ...

6. Attached services:

Service maintenance, maintenance, repair of linen, air conditioning, cooling tower, always respond quickly to the requirements of customers. We are committed to providing fast, efficient and quality service.

Finally with all the most sincere gratitude for the attention that you have given us. We are committed to providing you with the best products at the lowest cost, best service, fastest and all for your satisfaction.

Sincerely thank you and wish you peace and health!

Tuan Ngoc Co., Ltd
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